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We are residents and volunteers from the area located North of Huntington Beach and known locally as “Sunset Beach”. This area includes the beach communities of Bayport, Broadmoor, Harbour Pacific, Huntington Harbour, Huntington Marina, Piedmont, Sea Harbour, Sunset Beach and Surfside.

We are dedicated to the preservation of this area’s beauty, its pristine marine environment and its historical and cultural significance. We have been under attack by developers who want to turn our home into a “concrete jungle”, ruin our quality of life and interfere with the right of the public to get full and free access to our beach area.

We monitor the various issues related to City Government, Coastal Commission and other government or administrative initiatives that may have a negative impact on the Sunset Beach area and its residents.

Our goal is not to prevent progress or to oppose any change. But we will stay vigilant to make sure that the Sunset Beach area ecological, cultural and historical significance are not threatened by special interests for short-term profit. We have worked hard to make Sunset Beach what it is and invested a lot of our hearts and souls (not to mention money). We value the quality of life that Sunset Beach provides to residents and visitors alike and intend to maintain and improve it, not to let it fall into the hands of a few well connected real estate developers intent on making us just another concrete jungle by the sea.

Please get involved and help us in our fight to promote reasonable development that will preserve the beauty and originality of this community and maintain the right for everyone to access and enjoy the beach for free.

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