Don’s is closing, our hearts are breaking!

Don’s the Beachcomber, worthy heir of Sam’s Seafood and of the too-short-lived Kona is closing!

The beating, throbbing heart of Sunset Beach reggae and island rock music will stop beating on April 15th.
Do you know who you can thank for that? Vulgar, greedy, greasy, tasteless developers with no respect for our neighborhood, its historical significance and beach culture.

They think they can build high-rise condos here, good luck guys, you’ve got another thing coming from the Sunset Beach residents! We know you don’t have many options without re-zoning, we defeated them in 2015, we will defeat you again!

So you crushed a local business that has served and entertained our community for over 50 years under the weight of your greed, we will not forget that, ever! We will oppose you, with all our might and we have shown time and time again we are a local force to reckon with.

We have already debunked an attempt at disguising (with clueless – or worse – HB City employees overlooking the deception) an application to build 12 luxury condos (see our “Big Daddy’s” article in “Local Issues”).

My fellow beach dwellers, let’s a for a last time get “zombied” at Don’s and may the tiki gods intervene to stop this nightmare! Better yet, let’s all get involved and show what our community can do. Hipahipa!

And so you realize what we are fighting for, here are a few memories from Sam’s, Kona, and Don’s that will always stay in our hearts.

Farewell Letter from Don’s The Beachcomber:



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