16741 PCH ( The Furniture Store)


  • The City is saying the Accessory structure (carports and garages) is considered part of the Principal building, therefore no setback or height zoning applies to this project.
  • The Sunset Beach Specific Plan and the Huntington Beach zoning code 201.14 DOCUMENTS that the Accessory structure (carports and garages) are incidental to the Principal use (Building). And the setback and height zoning applies to the carports and garages.
  • The City Planning Staff has changed the definition of code 201.14 by removing the word “INCIDENTAL” to “CONSIDERED PART” .






Project location 16471 PCH Sunset Beach http://records.surfcity-hb.org/sirepub/cache/16/g0cvrfknla5uzki1pswopzoa/413632411262017023320790.PDF