Sewer System
The Sunset Beach Sanitary District, formed in 1930, is responsible for the review and approval of the collection of wastewater within the project area, and the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is responsible for the treatment of wastewater. Upon annexation, wastewater service will continue to be provided by the Sunset Beach Sanitary District.
Only drainage that is required by City of Huntington Beach Codes and the ordinances of the Sunset Beach Sanitary District shall be drained into the Sunset Beach Sanitary System lines. All other drainage, such as rain water, irrigation water and other on-site drainage shall drain to the public street or public storm drainage system. All development shall meet the provisions of this requirement.  SBSP pg 28


3.2.5  In these land use development standards, for all regulatory areas, when more than one description may apply to a given use, the more specific description shall determine if a use is allowed, or prohibited. page 32