Ursula Luna-Reynosa, how dare you?

Ms Ursula Luna-Reynosa, until June 2018, you worked for the City of Dana Point as Director of Planning & Development, prior to that, from July 2011, you worked for the City of Vallejo (Northern California) as Director of Economic Development, as a civil servant your resume is public and so is your profile (and salary)

So after being hired by the City of HB this last June, it came to our attention that you attempted to exclude Tony Sellas, a Huntington Beach resident of many years and an active, efficient and very well-informed local community leader from negotiations between the City of HB and the residents of Sunset Beach about revisions they are demanding be made to their Local Coastal Program (LCP). The demand is merely that HB complies with the original language agreed upon between Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach during the incorporation of Sunset Beach into the City of Huntington Beach. The City has dragged its feet on this issue after inserting unapproved language into the LCP for years.

Which brings me to the main point of this article:
Sunset Beach is part of Huntington Beach and in this regard, any resident of Sunset Beach is a resident of Huntington Beach. If you would be so kind as pointing me to any legal language that establishes Sunset Beach residents as a privileged class or conversely Huntington Beach residents as lesser citizens, it’d be very informative and surely very entertaining to read!
Furthermore, Mr Sellas lives 40 feet across PCH (for the newbies in town, this is how we abbreviate Pacific Coast Highway) from the zone known as “Sunset Beach”, formerly an unincorporated area but now integral part of the City of Huntington Beach.
Note that the City of HB (for the newbies in town, this is how we abbreviate Huntington Beach) is not divided in Districts and therefore your claim of “non-residency” is that much more frivolous, arbitrary and capricious.
Or does it constitute an attempt at silencing opponents to your agenda? If this were the case, you still have a long way to go and learn how tight-knit our community is, but hey, I can’t blame you for trying, you’re not a local, so you could not possibly be aware!

And all this coming from an employee of the City of Huntington Beach, whose salary is paid precisely by the Huntington Beach taxpayers you are trying to deny participation in our democratic process? Really? Not a great start on your new job!

As a new hire, you are still under scrutiny for competency and fitness to function, and in my humble opinion, you are failing in both areas, not to mention elementary decency, but I suppose that’s not a requirement for your job. The people of Huntington Beach will not forget and remember that our City is currently looking at ways to save money and avoid getting into further debt from civil servant pensions. If you know a bit of Accounting, you are probably familiar with the term “LIFO”.

So Ms Ursula Luna-Reynosa, I’d like to you to reconsider your hasty and misguided decision and allow Mr Sellas to participate in the important process seeking to restore the Sunset Beach LCP to its intended text and purpose. I have been a resident of Sunset Beach for 29 years (since 1989) and I recognize a community leader when I see one, I also recognize a “local” when I see one. Mr Sellas happens to be both, in an very excellent fashion.

See below message sent to Ricky Ramos (City of Huntington Beach, Senior Planner) and our local group and referring to your conduct re: Mr Tony Sellas.

Hello Everyone,
This is the time for the Sunset Beach Citizens to act.

Attached the the Sunset Beach Specific Plan modifications between the City and the Coastal Commission.
Mayor ProTem Erik Peterson got the ball rolling. Now the community needs to define what changes you want to make. Mr. Peterson said the Sunset Beach citizens need to work through the Sunset Beach LCP.

I have been locked out of the process.

1. The Director of Community Development Ursula Luna-Reynosa said the modifications are not my concern because I don’t live in Sunset Beach.

2. The Sunset Beach LCP ask me not to attend their LCP private meeting because they didn’t want to complicate things.

3. The attached documents have watermarks across the page saying, “Draft – Not for Public Review”.  Why not. So much for public input.

4. The three main issues I have identified are not included in the modifications and I was told by Ursula Luna-Reynosa that the City is not red lining anything.

Action items for the group:

Please email the Sunset Beach LCP and request several community meeting to review the modifications and address the items below.

I copied Ursula Luna-Reynosa, the City Manage Fred Wilson and City Council member Erik Peterson. Please reply to this email and demand the following items be addressed.

  • Reinstate the sentence into the Tourist District that says, ” existing legal building sites shall not be subdivided in a manner that would create more parcels than the original number”
  • Remove the sentence and footnote on page 11 that reads, “This is in recognition that the Specific Plan allows for residential units above the ground floor in the CV area. 2. The correct sentence is found on page 41 “Located above the first floor of a Principal Permitted Use.
  • Added the definition for “Gross Square Foot”. This definition is used for mixed-used projects.
    1. “Gross square feet” or “gsf” means the area of a nonresidential development measured from the exterior building lines of each floor with respect to enclosed spaces but excluding parking spaces whether or not enclosed. For purposes of this chapter, the term “enclosed spaces” specifically includes, but is not limited to, an area available to and customarily used by the general public and all areas of business establishments generally accessible to the public such as fenced, or partially fenced in areas of garden centers attached to and serving the primary structure.

Remember you have an MOU with the City,

See you soon.



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